Making Peace in
Family and Faith

Jasmine Morris Mediation

Peacemaking for civil disputes and financial matters among families and faith communities


Jasmine offers confidential mediation and conflict coaching services for family and ministry related civil matters.

Peace is Possible

Whether your goal is documented boundaries or full reconciliation, Jasmine will seek to help you achieve it. In your initial consultation, she will discuss with each party what the goals are for mediation or coaching.

As your mediator/conflict coach, Jasmine will guide you through a process to make peace in civil disputes that involve families and faith communities. Her focus areas are family operated workplace disputes, ministry workplace disputes, heirs property/ family property disputes, and household budget disputes.

Service Areas

Family Budget Mediation / Coaching

Helping couples navigate household budgeting decisions

Family Business Workplace Disputes

Helping resolve workplace disputes for family businesses

Ministry Workplace Disputes

Helping resolve workplace disputes in Christian ministries

Heirs Property and Family Property Disputes

Helping resolve property disputes among family members

Why Mediation / Coaching

Cost Effective

The cost of defending a dispute in court can be devastating, and neither party may leave satisfied. Mediation allows every participating party to be heard and have a real voice in the decisions being made at a lesser cost than litigation.


What is discussed in mediation/coaching sessions stays there. Prior to mediation, all participating parties agree to keep confidential everything discussed in mediation. As the mediator, Jasmine cannot be required to testify about discussed matters in court except for threats of violence, abuse and illegal activities.

Saves Time

Mediation can save months and even years of valuable time by avoiding lengthy court proceedings. If both parties are willing and prepared, a decisions can be made in a matter of days or hours.

Civility for Ongoing Relationships

Whether the goal is complete reconciliation, documented agreed-upon boundaries, or anything in between, there is a much greater probability of establishing / maintaining civility in the relationship if the conflict can be resolved outside of the court system.

Why Jasmine

Jasmine Morris has been mediating professional disputes in one form or another for more than a decade. Her varied experience spans writing budgets for the City of Charleston to Human Resources Management for Target to Real Estate sales and investing. The common thread in all of these experiences is the need to effectively negotiate and mediate conflict. She earned an MBA in 2012, and became a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator in 2023.  Her mediation style is informed by her education and experience as well as her Christian faith.

TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator
mediation training and recognition
business understanding and Experience
Notary Public
notarized agreements

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