Making her experience work for you

A Peacemaker in Purpose and Profession

Jasmine Morris has been mediating professional disputes in one form or another for more than a decade. Whether it was helping resolve payment disputes between vendors and local government while working for the City of Charleston or engaging in formal workplace conflict resolution as HR Manager for Target, Jasmine has a well developed skill set for mediating conflict to reach satisfying resolutions.

Jasmine’s formal education and field experience serve as a foundation of insight for her areas of expertise. She earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration in 2012. Following that achievement, she has worked in various fields for 10+ years including government finance and budgeting (balancing her divisions budgets during her tenure), HR management, general management, and Real Estate sales and investing.

Jasmine has learned that conflict can be healthy and lead to positive change that otherwise would not have occurred. While working for city government, she made it her priority to present a balanced budget and pay vendors in a timely manner. She succeeded – not realizing that this was unheard of in her division. This direction shift incited a great deal of conflict that she navigated effectively to reach objectives while helping to sharpen her conflict resolutions skills. When she began working for Target, she was placed as HR Manager in a store with failing metrics and toxic work culture. A year after being in position, payroll and team culture metrics significantly improved. She transferred to a Knoxville location after two years to her next position as a manager of service centers and metrics. This job came with a similar set of problematic circumstances as the previous store. In over a decade, 1.5years was the longest tenure of a person who held that position. She held the position for 3 years and succeeded in turning around the toxic work culture. She was appointed as the district service management resource during her final year and left on good terms to pursue a career in Real Estate in 2020. Throughout these experiences she has served in various ministries at her church and in 2021 became Board President for Worthy Women Ministries, a nonprofit women’s ministry.

Jasmine came to realize that these and other experiences highlighted an innate ability to mediate and resolve conflict. In pursuit of a purpose-driven career path, Jasmine completed the 50 hour civil mediation training with the ADR Institute in Memphis, TN in 2022 and became a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator. This designation enables her to receive civil case referrals from the Tennessee court system for mediation. She also completed an additional 50 hours of training with Anderson County’s Community Mediation Services and Knox County’s Community Mediation Center to learn parenting plan systems and conflict coaching skills.

Jasmine’s mediation style is informed by her education and experience as well as her faith. She is a Christian and views peacemaking as a calling. She is also  a wife and mother of two young children. When she is not mediating, you can find her with her family.