Ministry Workplace Disputes

1 Corinthians 6:1-8 expresses how relying on worldly legal systems can hurt the witness of the church. At the same time, there are matters and disputes in the church that must be addressed in a formal way – particularly when it comes to church staff. Mediation offers a solution where church leaders and members can seek to address and resolve disputes without resorting to public court proceedings.

Family Workplace Disputes

Working with ones family comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards. When contracts and money are involved, business disputes with family can be even trickier to navigate. Taking a loved one to court can devastate a relationship, but ignoring an issue can be just as costly in more ways than one. Mediation offers a method for resolving disputes that is personal and private, making it ideal for family businesses.

Heirs Property / Family Property Disputes

Heirs property disputes can be especially difficult because they often follow the death of a parent or loved one. There can be a lot of emotional triggers and differences of opinion when trying to decide what to do with family property. Having a mediator outside of the family with no ties to any one individual can be useful in facilitating civil and respectful discussions to come to an agreement.

Household Budget and Finance Disputes

It is said that the most common issue cited in divorce hearings is money disagreements. Household finances can be a challenge to navigate because how a person spends and manages money is often deeply tied to personal aspects of who he/she is and how he/she navigates the world. Too often, budgeting becomes an argument about who’s desires are more important than the other’s. Having a mediator or conflict coach to assist with the process can facilitate a more civil discussion leading to a greater sense of understanding, a realistic, sustainable financial plan and improvement in the relationship overall.

Mediation package

Starting at $950 for 2 parties. (Price increases by $199 for each additional negotiating party)


Pre-mediation call for all participating parties

3 hours of mediation via zoom or by phone

Personalized agreement template

Notarized agreement for all parties following session.

One on one conflict coaching

$199 for single 2 hour session.

$99/hour for additional follow-up sessions

Six weekly 1 hour sessions for $499

$99/hour for follow up sessions

Ministry Or business coaching/ mediation

This varies by project and organization. Please reach out to further discuss your needs.

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